Friday, May 9, 2008

Our Trip To Massachusetts

Here we are in Boston on the Freedom Trail. There sure is a lot of History right in the middle of the city there.

Miles and I on the subway. That was a fun experience.
Miles during our lunch break with a Mango seed in his mouth. :)
Miles and I walking down the freedom trail.
Mom with her tour guide book trying to find the statue of Paul Revere.
We had fun feeding the squirels in the park.

We stayed at an amazing resort in the Berkshires, Miles favorite area of his mission.

We not only went all over Massachusetts, but we went into Vermont to see some of the church history sites there (birth placeof Brigham Young and Joseph Smith).

This 381/2 foot monument marks the birth place of Joseph Smith. It is the largest single shaft of granite, and each foot represents a year of the Prophet's life. There was also an amazing visitor's center here.

And you can't be so close to Palmyra without taking some time to over there. We went to a bunch of the church history sites while we were in New York. (those pics are coming soon, I was having computer problems)