Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Family Photos

While Miles family was down here a couple of weeks ago, we were able to get family pictures with all the Victors. Miles and I were also able to get some pictures of our little family. I hope that you enjoy them. :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hyrum's Blessing

On Sunday September 14th we had little Hyrum blessed. Miles gave the blessing and we were able to have a lot of our family there. It was a fun day. Here are some pictures of him in his adorable tuxedo that my mom made for him.

Hyrum's first weeks home

As everyone know's the first couple weeks home from the hospital with your new baby can be a little bit nerve racking. I can't tell you how many times I would look at Hyrum while he was sleeping and wonder if he was alive. The first time he gaged, I almost had a heart attack thinking he was going to die. I don't think I really slept at all the first couple of nights, because I was so paranoyed that something was going to happen to him. Miles and I both worked ourselves up in worry quite a few times, just not knowing what was normal. We either called the pediatrician or went in about 3 times a week. But by some mirracle, he is still alive and all is well. We love this little boy so much. He has brought so much more depth to our own relationship as we figure out how to be new parents.
This is Hyrum in his coming home outfit (which barely fit him) on the changing table for the first time. We had to learn how to be fast and effective in the diaper changes as the window and our clothes have been drenched time and time again by our little man.

The first few days, all that Hyrum wanted to do was sleep, and sometimes this was about all we could get of him being awake.

So cute!

One of our first family pictures.

Hyrum really loves cuddling up on Daddy's chest. He has spent many hours in that position.

These are some pictures that Miles took just a few days after we brought him home.

Here was Hyrum's first bath. Needless to say he wasn't too thrilled.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Well the long awaited day has finally come. On Saturday August 9, 2008 at 12:05 pm little Hyrum Miles Victors joined our family.

So here is a shot of just how big I got right before I had "little Hyrum"

After 38 hours of labor with an hour and a half of that straight pushing, little Hyrum finally came. This is a picture of the doctor and nurse that were key in the delivery.

Hyrum was born weighing in at 11 lbs 10 oz. As you can see his head was a little cone shaped when he first came out. Even the doctors were amazed at how big he was.
I love this picture of Hyrum when he's getting all cleaned up. I think he was a little bit shocked to come into this world.
Our first family candid with proud daddy and mommy!
He's a very strong little man, and on his first day he lifted his head up and looked right at me.
Proud Daddy!

Proud Mommy!

One of our first days home from the hospital.

Miles and I could not be more proud of our beautiful little boy. Each day has been bringing us new surprises and new things to learn about our little bundle of Joy. We'll keep you posted as he grows.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

1 Year Anniversary!

Though it's hard to believe, a year has already gone by since we got married! We had fun celebrating our 1 year anniversary, walking around the provo temple (where Miles "officially" proposed to me) going mini golfing, going to dinner at the Olive Garden, attending our final Lamaze class and than relaxing to look at our wedding pictures while eating icecream and having sparkling cider.

At Olive Garden

Provo Temple

Mini Golfing (even with a large belly in the way)

So yesterday, we were reflecting on all that has gone on the past year, and we would have to say a lot has happened. First of all, we got married last July, and finished out our summer jobs in Alaska with Miles working on the slope (the oil fields) and Me as a tour guide on the trains. We came back down here to Utah and moved into our first apartment in North Orem. We were kept busy there with our callings in the church, Miles was a scout leader, and me in the Releif Society. Miles completed two more semesters of school at BYU studying Manufacturing Engineering. He furthered his interest and passion of building things by building a tricycle from an old Honda Accord. I continued working as an office assistant for Professional Marketing International, while supporting the two of us. Miles is now attending another semester of school while working part-time at Home Depot (where everyone loves his charisma and charm) and finishing up his summer car project. I am now counting down the days till I get to be a stay at home mom with little Hyrum, who is due in just less than four weeks. We are excited to have him as an addition to our little family. We just recently moved into our second apartment at Wymount Terrace in Provo to be closer to BYU, so Miles can actually spend time with me and the baby during the school year. Though a year has flown by, we realize that we've already made a lot of memories together, and we look forward to many many more.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Recent Prego Pictures

So Miles and I decided it was time to take some more recent pictures, especially of this large belly of mine. I'm now only 6 weeks out from my due date, and can't hardly wait for little Hyrum to arrive.