Tuesday, July 8, 2008

1 Year Anniversary!

Though it's hard to believe, a year has already gone by since we got married! We had fun celebrating our 1 year anniversary, walking around the provo temple (where Miles "officially" proposed to me) going mini golfing, going to dinner at the Olive Garden, attending our final Lamaze class and than relaxing to look at our wedding pictures while eating icecream and having sparkling cider.

At Olive Garden

Provo Temple

Mini Golfing (even with a large belly in the way)

So yesterday, we were reflecting on all that has gone on the past year, and we would have to say a lot has happened. First of all, we got married last July, and finished out our summer jobs in Alaska with Miles working on the slope (the oil fields) and Me as a tour guide on the trains. We came back down here to Utah and moved into our first apartment in North Orem. We were kept busy there with our callings in the church, Miles was a scout leader, and me in the Releif Society. Miles completed two more semesters of school at BYU studying Manufacturing Engineering. He furthered his interest and passion of building things by building a tricycle from an old Honda Accord. I continued working as an office assistant for Professional Marketing International, while supporting the two of us. Miles is now attending another semester of school while working part-time at Home Depot (where everyone loves his charisma and charm) and finishing up his summer car project. I am now counting down the days till I get to be a stay at home mom with little Hyrum, who is due in just less than four weeks. We are excited to have him as an addition to our little family. We just recently moved into our second apartment at Wymount Terrace in Provo to be closer to BYU, so Miles can actually spend time with me and the baby during the school year. Though a year has flown by, we realize that we've already made a lot of memories together, and we look forward to many many more.


Matt & Camille said...

Congrats on the year mark!!! time goes by so fast....hope you are surviving the heat and aren't too uncomfortable with that adorable belly :)

Stefanie said...

I can't believe it has only been a year. I mean not that it seems like it drug on but it seems like it was so long ago!!! Oh I miss you!!!

Lisa said...

Congratultions on your anninversary. I would have sent a card, but I do not not have your new address, or your old one for that matter. I hear you have moved- I hope you are enjoying your new digs.... and that all three of you are doing well. Keep in touch! Lisa

The Comin Family said...

Hey Monica! It's me Danie! I hope you've had your baby by now! It was so good to see you in Utah! Sorry I never got to say bye! Well, hopefully you won't mind, but I'm putting you on my blog! I want to see some pics of Hyrum! Here's my blog if you're interested: www.cominfam.blogspot.com