Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well, I know that I have said this before, but I acknowledge that I have been a horrible blogger, and am resolving to do better. To make up for lost time, I think it would be easier to have everyone read our Christmas blog at Now I will try to start where we are now.
A lot of changes have happened for us in the past couple of months. First of all, Miles has officially graduated from BYU in Manufacturing Engineering Technology. I am so proud of him, and how well he did in school. The job that we had lined up in Alaska unfortunately fell through. As of today we have sold our house in Alaska, and are very grateful for being able to find a buyer so quickly, and were actually able to make a small profit. It turns out that all our hard work in renovations this summer, really paid off. So now life has found us living with my parents in Grand Junction, Colorado. I am so grateful to them for them and their willingness to help us out.
Miles has been spending the days out searching for a job. Right now he is currently in Ohio, starting to understand the life of a homeless person. Before Miles left we set up a nice bed in the back of our van, and stocked him with groceries. He has definitely had some great adventures already out there while living in his van. Although he may not be parked "down by a river" (Chris Farley) he is parked most nights in places such as walmart. He tried parking one night out by some big open fields, where he was very abruptly awakened by a police officer, who had a hard time believing his story. He had to explain a couple of times why he had an Alaska Driver's Liscense, Utah plates, his wife and son were in Colorado, and he was out there looking for a job. I think that we will laugh about this experience and journey for a long time to come. In the mean time, Miles is continuing to go forth in the search, and we are praying that something will work out soon.
So, that's just a little update on the life of the Victors Family. I will do better and include pictures from here on out.


Melissa Chorba said...

Hi Monica, You don't know me (yet) but I've had the pleasure of meeting your husband recently as I am a member of the Sandusky ward here in Ohio. I came across your blog almost by accident and when I realized who the blog belonged to I thought I would say hi. I hope you are doing well and your pregnancy is going well. We are excited to meet the rest of Mile's family when you are finally able to join him. If there is anything we can do to make the move easier on your family please let us know!!


Melissa Chorba said...

I supposed I should mention my e-mail is :)