Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The end is in sight!

It's hard to believe that it's been almost 2 months now since Miles took off on his journey to find a job. It has been so hard to be apart for so long, but the end is now in sight. Miles flies in tomorrow to be here for two weeks, and I am scheduled to be induced next Wednesday morning. I have bought tickets to get over to Ohio on March 31st. We're still not quite done with being apart, as we will be apart for 2 weeks before I move over to Ohio with the boys, but 2 weeks is easier to handle than 2 months. I love Miles so much, and I am so grateful to him for being so willing to sacrifice so much for our family! I can't wait till we are no longer apart.


Alicia said...

Yeah! I am so happy for you guys. Your hard times have turned to blessing, a job, a furnished home and a baby! Oh and after so much time apart, you and Miles will be together again. Happy day, all is well!

The Conley Clan said...

Monica! This is Heather (McNair) Conley-- I just stumbled on your blog from another friend's blog and I'm excited because we live in Ohio! Where in Ohio are you moving to? That's exciting! You will love it here-- at least we sure have. We're in the Cleveland area... I would love a friend from AK close by! Also, good luck with your baby #2!