Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We just found out last Thursday that we're having a baby boy!!!!! :) We are so excited!!!! We have decided that we will name him Hyrum Miles Victors. The doctor said that he looks great and everything seems to be right on track.


Two Hearts, One Love said...

I am trying to get this blog thing figured out but i am slowly getting the hang of it! congrats to having a boy! that is so exiting and i wish you the best! How is everything going anyways? starting to feel more and more movement i am sure! its so fun to feel them in there! My little one is just so crazy but i love it! Well you will have to keep me updated on everything and how it all goes. hopefully i can get over there and see you guys here in the next few days! take care!

Ellis family said...

Congrats! I love little boys! You guys look so good! It's fun to see the pics of your family monica, I haven't seen your brothers in a long time, they were such good friends to me! Glad things are going good!