Monday, August 25, 2008

Well the long awaited day has finally come. On Saturday August 9, 2008 at 12:05 pm little Hyrum Miles Victors joined our family.

So here is a shot of just how big I got right before I had "little Hyrum"

After 38 hours of labor with an hour and a half of that straight pushing, little Hyrum finally came. This is a picture of the doctor and nurse that were key in the delivery.

Hyrum was born weighing in at 11 lbs 10 oz. As you can see his head was a little cone shaped when he first came out. Even the doctors were amazed at how big he was.
I love this picture of Hyrum when he's getting all cleaned up. I think he was a little bit shocked to come into this world.
Our first family candid with proud daddy and mommy!
He's a very strong little man, and on his first day he lifted his head up and looked right at me.
Proud Daddy!

Proud Mommy!

One of our first days home from the hospital.

Miles and I could not be more proud of our beautiful little boy. Each day has been bringing us new surprises and new things to learn about our little bundle of Joy. We'll keep you posted as he grows.


Stefanie said...

Yay Yay Yay!!!! I am so happy you blogged finally!!! I just think he is the cutest "little" baby I have seen in a long time!!! Oh I wish I were still living there to come see him. He will be HUGE the next time I get to see him!!! Please post all the time I feel out of the loop up here!!! Oh I just wanna kiss his cute little cheeks!!

Joy said...

What a cute little boy! It sounds like you had quite the labor. It's a wonderful feeling when you finally hear the first cry and see the face you've been dreaming about for nine months. I'm so happy for you and your family!

Ellis family said...

What a cutie! Congrats! I can feel you on the pushing! I pushed with Caden for 3 hours, but to no avail, had to have a section! I didn't think that there could be a bigger baby than himn at 10 lbs 13 oz, I guess I was wrong! Seriously so cute!

Mary De Bastos said...

He is such a BIG baby!! How did you EVER push him out?!?!!?
You both look soooo happy!!!

Season Cotterell said...

Congratulations I am so happy for you. My first labor was 36 hours and 21/2 were pushing so I feel you pain. But with my second I was only in labor 6 hours and 30 min pushing and then my third was a three hour labor and I pushed once. So there is a little hope for you guys. He is a good lookin little guy.

katherine said...

hey miles & monica! this is katherine & daniel clarke. we just think you guys have the cutest little guy! congrats! miles, we saw your mom at stake conference & she was beaming! ha. you know what's crazy? your nurse was a roommate of mine at byu! crazy crazy. if you guys want to check our blog out, it is talk to you later!